Taking LanRetro to the Airwaves!

Hello everyone, I'm still buzzing from my recent appearance on Epsom Hospital Radio’s Colette Duncan Show. If you tuned in on 11th January from 4-6pm you would have heard me chatting live about all things accessories and, of course, LanRetro.

For those who missed it, Colette Duncan invited me on to talk about the latest trends in accessories and give listeners a peek behind the curtain of LanRetro. It was so exciting chatting with her and sharing my passion for helping people find the perfect pieces to express themselves.

We covered a lot of ground, from music, unusual customer requests to the timeless magic of a great scarf. We even delved into the world of sustainable and ethically sourced accessories, which is something I feel incredibly passionate about at LanRetro.

So, here's a big thank you to Epsom Hospital Radio and Colette Duncan for having me on the show.

P.S. for the full interview, listen here: Interview on Epsom Hospital Radio



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