Dotty print phone grips in a variety of colours
jade dotty phone grip
khaki dotty phone grip
mustard yellow dotty phone grip
blush pink dotty phone grip
red dotty phone grip
navy blue dotty phone grip
aqua blue dotty phone grip
grey dotty phone grip

Dotty Print Phone Grip

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*Available in more colours

The Clickit phone grip was designed to provide a secure hold on any smart device, with or without a case. It can also be used as a stand, in a portrait or landscape position.

Our phone grip offers you more stability, allowing you to multi task on the go. Texting with one hand or taking a quick snap, you will be assured that you have a firm grip on your phone.
The adhesive is reusable and sticks to most devices and cases.
Measures 35 mm/1.38 ins width and 71.5 mm/2.81 ins height.